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Our services span the lifecycle of software development, from consulting to full system development, including:


  • assessment

  • architecture design

  • development

  • automation

  • quality control

  • administration 

  • migration

  • advising

We have been delivering secure online databases for ten years, and the pace of work is increasing. And it is no wonder, secure online databases are a smart option. Why? They automate and make explicit all data processing - adding transparency, improving latency, and fostering improved communication and collaboration between users. And online databases are powerful tools for enforcing data quality control. Plus the systems pay for themselves when you consider the time they save by eliminating manual tasks. 

Automation Tools

APIs, celery, cron, Ansible, Power Shell, Service Broker, SQL Agent

Database Expertise

PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL


Ubuntu, Debian, Mac, Windows

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Programming Languages

​bash, git, SQL, PSQL, Python, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less

Software Expertise

Django, Vagrant, Selenium, tableau


jQuery, Bootstrap

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